Special guests stop by to record on upcoming Acoustic Madness Album

Legendary Nashville session keyboardist Bob Wilson (Bob Dylan, Charlie Daniels, George Jones, Freddie King and too many to name here) came by Sterritt Sound studio and played on 2 tracks from upcoming Acoustic Madness project: “Why Did They Kill the Radio?” and “Day Dream”.

Incredible jazz saxophonist Pete Kahn (Laith Al-Saidi, Pat Metheny and more) played soprano & alto sax on 3 upcoming Acoustic Madness tracks: “Leaving Welinoph”, “Let It Go” and “24/Seven”.

Finally, radio personality (and excellent blues guitarist, by the way) Mark “The Paz” Pasman came by to do a rant/monologue dissing today’s listening habits at the end of “Why Did They Kill the Radio?”.